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Encyclopedia contains attributes and abilities of the vehicles included in the game.

Encyclopedia interface

To select a vehicle, choose a slot to put it in: Slot buttons. Then select the vehicle from the list. You can apply a vehicle type filter: Vehicle type filter buttons. To free up a slot right-click on it. There are 4 slots available.

To show and compare vehicles specifications select the vehicles of the same type and click the Vehicle specifications button button. The comparison table will show years of production and service, numbers produced, armor values, weapons and armament, crew size, engine type and performance.

To view armor penetration diagrams click one of the buttons: Armor penetration diagrams buttons.

You can change the camouflage using the Camouflage button button, it shows the currently selected camouflage. Its variations: Camouflage button variations.

The Height reference button button will show the height reference near a vehicle.

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