Shield of the Prophet

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Shield of the Prophet cover

Shield of the Prophet is an addon for Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star, which adds a new area of operations - Herat Province, Afghanistan, and two new (alternate history) operations for Iranian, and Soviet army forces (summer of 1979).

Alternate history[edit]

In early 1976, the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was diagnosed with lymphoma. Urgent medical attention outside Iran was required. Shah departs to US for medical treatment. This signals the start of uprising by the supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini. Mass strikes and riots begin in large cities. Army does not interfere with the events, and goes over to the insurgents after a while. Ayatollah Khomeini returns from exile and takes the power into his hands. By the end of 1976 a theocratic regime is established in Iran.

In early 1977, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was killed in terrorist attack arranged by Shiite clandestine groups, controlled by Islamic Republic of Iran government. Civil war between Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites ensues. Iran is actively helping the Shiite majority of Iraq. Kurds declare an independent state. By the middle of 1978 Iraq ceased to exist as a unified state. A theocratic regime is established in the majority of the country, fully controlled by Iran.

As a result of the April 1978 coup, a Marxist regime led by Nur Muhammad Taraki comes to power in Afghanistan. He is actively opposed by an Islamic opposition supported by Iran and Pakistan. The situation deteriorates day by day. The Taraki government persistently asks the USSR to intervene and to send troops into Afghanistan.

In May 1979, the situation on the border of Pakistan, India and China in Kashmir region deteriorated dramatically. Indian troops captured Siachen Glacier and Shaksgam Valley with a swift maneuver. Pakistan and China launched large-scale retaliatory military action.

Leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran, inspired by the success in Iraq, began to develop a plan to "export Islamic revolution" to Afghanistan. In July 1979, Iran exploits the weakness of the Afghanistan central government and the involvement of Pakistan in conflict with India and China, and launches full-scale military invasion of Afghanistan's border provinces - operation "Shield of the Prophet".

The Soviet Union can not ignore the events anymore and starts emergency introduction of its forces in Afghanistan (operation "Lightning") to prevent the overthrow of pro-Soviet Taraki regime by radical Islamic theocrats of Iran...

The Iranian troops first goal was Herat city. It became the aim of Soviet command as well. A Rapid raid of Soviet airborne forces captured the city before the approach of the main Iranian invasion forces. Soon motorized infantry and tank units of both sides arrived and a fierce battle broke out on the outskirts of the city.

At the conclusion of the battle, the Iranians were defeated. The direct route to Iran was cut off by Soviet forces. The remains of the 92nd Iranian Armored and the 77th Infantry Division were forced to retreat to the border, in a south-western direction, along dried rivers beds. They were pursued by the Soviet 5th Guards Motor Rifle Division.

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