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The game contains special editor for creating a quick battle, it allows you to configure the battle and to deploy troops. Main settings are summarized in a single table: player side, type of battle, state of troops.

Quick battle settings

The Switch sides button button switches player and enemy sides. To go to unit deployment map press the Open map button button. To return to quick battle settings press the Quick battle settings button button.

First, you need to choose the area of the ​​battle. Click the square that will be the center of ​a ​3x3 area.

Selection of the battle area

The selected area will be highlighted in green. Platoons can be placed in these squares. To choose a different battle area press the Change the battle area button button.

Selected battle area

To place a platoon select it in the unit list and then click on one of the points in the green area. Right-click on the platoon to remove it from the map. Right-click on the square to change its ownership. To switch sides click on one of the Switch side buttons buttons (player side, ally side and enemy side).

Platoon deployment

To start the battle phase click the Start the battle phase button button. Change of the button color Limit exceeding indicates that platoon limit recommended for your computer is exceeded.

Battle phase

Press the Unit management button button to open the unit management interface. Here you can change the default platoon organization (including the enemy's). Also you can open this interface by right-clicking on the platoon on the map.

Unit management

When you are ready, click the square of the battle to start the battle.

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