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Supporting platoon types[edit]

Airborne platoon - airborne unit, can be moved any distance in one turn.

March platoon - replacement platoon, platoon personnel replaces killed and heavily wounded soldiers from neighboring platoons within its effective range.

Repair platoon - maintanance platoon, each team of the unit repairs vehicles of platoons within the unit's range.

Supply platoon - supply platoon, the unit teams supply platoons within the unit's range with ammunition and fuel.

Transport aviation - transport aviation, creates a stationary depot in one of the allied or neutral squares.

Unit symbols on the operative map[edit]

The game has several sets of tactical symbols for the operative map: Standard, Red Army, Wehrmacht, NATO, Soviet (modern). You can choose one using the 4.21 Unit signs on operational map setting.

Also, you can choose the color system of tactical symbols using the 4.23 Unit colors on operational map setting.

Colors Units of
player allies enemy


Standard tactical symbols

Red Army[edit]

Red Army tactical symbols


Wehrmacht tactical symbols


NATO tactical symbols


Soviet tactical symbols

Operation statistics
Operational mode
Platoon composition and its condition