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Selecting an operation[edit]

Operations are grouped by the campaigns to which they belong. The campaign header shows the location of battles on a large-scale map fragment and the number of operations included in the campaign. Click on the campaign header to see the list of its operations. For each operation, its description, the number of turns played and the total number of turns are displayed. The tooltip shows a summary of the victory points calculation. Click on the area to the left of the operation description to start or continue the operation.

Operation selection


Each operation consists of several turns. Each turn consists of the following phases: player turn, AI turn, battles and results. A briefing is displayed before the start of the operation, which schematically shows the course of the operation. Description and course of the operation are displayed in the top left (window can be hidden by Hide panel button). To close the briefing click on it or press the View briefing button button.


Indicators Indicators show current weather conditions, current time, the operation victory points, current phase of the game. Tooltips display additional information.

Displayed information[edit]

Area of operations is divided into squares of 1x1 km. Several units can be placed in a square, the number is determined by the importance of the square and by terrain conditions. Movement is possible in all squares of the area. A square can belong to one of the sides or be neutral.

Operational phase

By default, the enemy is displayed with blue color, player controlled forces - red, allied forces - orange. Colors can be changed using the 4.23 Unit colors on operational map option. Under each platoon its designation is displayed (default is commander's last name, the 4.24 Platoon signature option), its background indicates the general condition of the platoon: green - good, red - bad.

Newly arrived and reserve units appear on border squares. Their side is defined by the operation scenario. It is impossible to move to border squares. Units located on border squares do not participate in tactical battles and can not attack. The number next to unit designation indicates how many turns remain until it will be available.

If platoon doesn't move for several turns, it is marked with a hatched circle. This means that squads and vehicles of the platoon can be entrenched on the tactical phase. Encircled platoons are marked by a small circle.

Visibility radius, within which enemy can be detected, is displayed around a selected platoon. Enemy platoons located outside of the visibility area of allied platoons are not visible (if the corresponding setting is not enabled). Type and characteristics of the detected platoon appear only after a battle. Some platoon types, such as recon platoons, can be detected only on the neighboring squares.

Command levels and summary status of platoons

Command levels and status of the platoon will be displayed when you hover the cursor over the selected platoon. Red lines indicate the commander, green - platoons of the same company, yellow - subordinates. If platoon is in the vicinity of the commander, its morale will recover faster and will fall much slower when encircled. If platoon or commander is encircled, the command radius will be reduced to a minimum of 1 km.

Summary status of platoon shows its status: in reserve, encircled, etc., the number of squads (sqs.), manpower (pers.), the number of heavy weapons (hw.), ammo and fuel quantity.

Press the Show supply lines button button to show supply lines when supply platoon is selected. Inner circle color indicates ammo supply level: green - maximum, yellow - medium, orange - minimum. Outer circle indicates fuel supply level.

Supply lines

Key squares[edit]

Some squares are marked with a dot. Such squares are called key squares and add victory points to the side that holds them. The main task of the player is to capture and hold as many such squares as possible. The winner is the side which took the most victory points during the operation.

A summary of the victory points calculation can be viewed in the tooltip during operation selection.

Moving to the next phase, undoing the turn and terminating the operation[edit]

Press the Start the battle phase button button to move to the next phase. The operation turn time is defined in operation settings. In most operations it is set to 4 hours.

The turn can be undone by pressing the Undo turn button button.

To terminate the operation open the General statistics section and press the Terminate operation button button.

Operational mode
Operational mode
Operation statistics