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After starting the game you will see Main Menu screen.

Main menu

In the upper right corner the game version is displayed. Clicking on this line opens update and mods install utility.

In the upper left corner the current player profile is displayed. Clicking on this line (or choosing the corresponding menu item) opens the "Player profile" screen.

Player profile[edit]

The profile screen displays a list of available player profiles, profile statistics and achievements.

Player profile

Clicking on "Create new profile" icon icon creates a new profile. When there are several profiles available an icon "Delete profile" icon appears to the right of each profile, clicking on it deletes the profile. The upper right corner displays the current keyboard layout.

Game settings[edit]

The settings are divided into several groups. Settings from the "General Settings" group combine several related settings from other groups for convenience.

Game settings

The buttons Game settings buttons are:

  1. automatic configuration, sets the most relevant settings for your computer,
  2. apply all modified settings (red icon indicates that this will delete all tactical battle saves),
  3. cancel the changes.

Control settings[edit]

Control settings

To reassign a key, click on the desired item and then press the new key. The buttons Control settings buttons are:

  1. cancel the changes,
  2. apply modified control settings,
  3. not assigned.
Manual Installing updates and modifications