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Tactical mode[edit]

Alt+F2 Show/hide orders panel and statistics panel
Alt+F3 Show/hide game control panel
Alt+F5 Show/hide unit list
Alt+F5 Show/hide message panel
Ctrl+Backspace Show/hide interface
F5 Show key points
F6 Show markers
F7 Show briefing
F8 Show hits in real-time
F11 Decrease game speed
Ctrl+F11 Increase game speed
Ctrl+F Jump to the selected squad
Q Lock camera on the squad
\ Show order list and current targets
Tab Activate binoculars
F2 Call support
F3 Jump to the last event

Deployment in tactical mode[edit]

Alt+F2 Show/hide deployment panel
M Move mode
R Rotation mode
T Trench digging mode
Ctrl+T Defending mode
U Place on high ground
J Place in lowlands
H Place in cover
L Leave vehicle
E Enter vehicle
Enter Finish deployment


F1 Open helper
Alt+Space Select help topic
Left click Jump to the next help item
Right click Display full help item
Esc Close helper window


Enter, Pause Pause
F12 Screenshot
Alt+F1 Controls settings
Alt+F4 Quit game

Orders in tactical mode[edit]

Space Quick orders menu
B Attack
M Movement
N Defense
K March
X Stop and cancel
V Define sector of fire
T Priority targets
G Indirect fire at area
L Leave vehicle
E Enter vehicle
R Rotate
Y Go into reverse
Ctrl+Y Fire at will
Ctrl+U Cease fire
Ctrl+H Restrict fire at infantry
Ctrl+J Restrict fire at airplanes
U Operate from ambush
F Put unit under control of the AI commander
F Tanks in front of a formation
Ctrl+R Move along roads
Ctrl+V Vehicles move along roads
H Covert movement
Ctrl+H Make smokescreen
J Rapid movement
Alt+~ Check line of sight
~ Check line of fire
Ctrl+~ Check field of view
{ Armor penetration diagram
} Armor protection diagram

Formations in tactical mode[edit]

Ctrl+L Line
Ctrl+C Column
Ctrl+N No formation
Ctrl+P Dispersed formation
Ctrl+O Regular formation
Ctrl+I Dense formation
Shift+I One row formation
Shift+O Two rows formation
Shift+P Three rows formation

Quick selection[edit]

Ctrl+/ Filter selected units
/ Apply current filter
Alt+Down Next platoon
Alt+Up Previous platoon

Groups in tactical mode[edit]

Ctrl+0..9 Assign to group 1..10
0..9 Select group 1..10

Camera in tactical mode[edit]

Num7, Page Up, Home Up
Num9, Page Down, End Down
Num1, Left, A Left
Num3, Right, D Right
Num8, Up, W Forward
Num2, Down, S Backward
Num4 Rotate left
Num6 Rotate right
Ctrl+Num8 Rotate up
Ctrl+Num2 Rotate down
Num5 Default position
Z Camera strafe mode
C Camera rotation mode
Middle click Camera rotation (pan the tactical map)
Mouse wheel Control height
Ctrl+Num5 Lower to ground level

Tactical map[edit]

F9 Show/hide mini-map
F10 Tactical map
Num+ Zoom in
Num- Zoom out

Operational mode map[edit]

Num+ Zoom in
Num- Zoom out
Num6, D Right
Num4, A Left
Num2, S Down
Num8, W Up
Num5 Center the map
Mouse wheel Zoom control
Z Pan mode
Middle click Pan
Tab Show map grid labels

Operational mode[edit]

F2 Briefing
F3 Statistics
F4 Supply lines
F5 Operation statistics
Space Hide unit symbols/Statistics screen - squad management menu
Enter Next turn
Post-battle statistics Manual