How do key points work in tactical combat?

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Key points in Graviteam Tactics, unlike many other games, do not have a direct effect on win. Even capturing of all key points will not guarantee victory in battle, but only increases the chances of achieving it. Similarly, in real combat - there are no guarantees, only increasing the chances.

Each key point acts as a force multiplier for troops in the same square as the key point. Consequently, if there are no troops (force = 0), the key point has no effect. Multiplier value changes depending on the importance of the key point - from ~1 to ~10 times.

Each point has two states, current and visible, which may not coincide:

  • Current state determines who currently controls the point;
  • Visible - who had controlled the point when there were player units near it.

Current and visible states coincide at the beginning of the battle. During the battle, if you have no units near the point (in 50 to 300 meters radius), the current status may had changed, but the visible had not. And at the end of the battle you may find that the enemy controls the territory, which was originally neutral or yours. The territory control calculation at the end of the battle is based on the current state.

Similar situation occurs in real combat - it is difficult to ascertain who controls the key point until your units conduct a reconnaissance or move to it.

The capture of the point depends on the superiority of the player or enemy troops near the point. The capture rate is also affected by unit type and the level of command. For example, tanks capture the points relatively poorly, broken and demoralized units cannot capture at all (such units are marked with a red stripe on the quick select panel). The greater the level of commander, the faster the rate of capturing and the longer the capturing distance.

To summarize:

  1. Key points do not affect the outcome of the battle directly, only troops in its vicinity.
  2. The current state can be different from the visible when you have no units near the point, it is impossible to determine the current state.
  3. Points are captured based on the superiority of a force, force type and the level of commanders.
  4. Demoralized and broken units cannot capture the key points.

Thus, there is no need to capture all the points, seize only the most important, which you can hold.