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Quick battle[edit]

Press "Quick battle" in the main menu. Configure the settings of the battle as desired: player and enemy sides (1, 2), combat missions for each side: attack, defense, recon, ambush (7, 8, 9), time of day (10), weather conditions (11), the area of battle (12). Press Open map button.

Quick battles settings

Choose the area of the ​​battle.

Selection of the battle area

Place your units: select the desired platoon from the list on the left and click on one of the points in the green area.

Platoon deployment

Place enemy forces in the same way by pressing Switch to enemy side button. Press Start the battle phase button after that.

Battle phase

Click on the fire icon Start the battle icon to start the battle.

Deployment of forces[edit]

There is a unit selection panel at the bottom, select the commander of the first platoon. The unit placement mode is enabled by default. Relocate the commander by right clicking on the target point.

Deployment mode

Place the platoon in a line by pressing Move mode button.

Deployment mode

Repeat the procedure for the second platoon.

Deployment mode

Switch to the unit rotation mode by pressing Unit rotation mode button. Box select all units and set the direction in which units will turn by right-clicking.

Deployment mode

See also Deploying troops.

Press Initial orders mode button to jump to the initial orders mode.

Initial orders[edit]

Select an unit, right-click on the target point and select an order needed.

Initial orders

To stop the unit and cancel the order press "Cancel orders" button.

See also Orders system.

Press "Pause" button "Pause" button to start the battle.

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